Photoshop Course #1
Photoshop Course #1
Photoshop Course #1
Photoshop Course #1
Photoshop Course #1
Photoshop Course #1
Photoshop Course #1

Photoshop Course #1

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Years of perfecting our photo editing craft, and upscaling our portfolio to clients, we introduce the first photoshop course.
Knowledge required: zero to none
Software Required: Adobe Photoshop 2024

What's Included:
  1. Introduction and workflow tools
  2. Porsche GT3RS Full Photoshop tutorial
  3. Rolls Royce Phantom Studio Photoshop tutorial
  4. 11 Additional photos to practice
Features Aspects for Course #1 (samples below)
  1. Masking 🎭: Explore the art of masking to seamlessly blend and composite images, allowing you to create captivating and intricate compositions for your workflow.

  2. Clone Stamping 🖍️: Learn the techniques of clone stamping to eliminate imperfections and duplicate elements in your photos with precision and finesse.

  3. Spot Healing ✨: Discover how to effectively remove blemishes, reflections, and unwanted objects from your images using spot healing techniques for picture-perfect results.

  4. Real Life Attributes: Everything that is taught is exactly what we share for our clients.
  1. Studio Background Photoshop 🏙️: Transform your photos by mastering studio background techniques, giving your subjects the perfect backdrop for professional-quality images in any environment.

  2. Lowering a Car 🚗: Lowering cars has been a classic trick and can be done flawlessly.

  3. Basics of Photoshop 🎨: Dive into the fundamentals of Photoshop, understanding essential tools, techniques, and workflows to build a strong foundation for every editing project.

  4. Tools and Blending 🔧: Explore the various tools at your disposal in Photoshop and uncover the secrets of blending elements seamlessly within your compositions.

  5. Tips and Tricks 💡: Gain access to insider tips and tricks that will take your editing skills to the next level, allowing you to achieve professional-grade results.

  6. Generative AI 🤖: Embrace the future of editing with Generative AI, opening up a world of possibilities for creative experimentation and automation in your Photoshop workflow.

Each topic is designed to enhance your Photoshop expertise, enabling you to create stunning and captivating visuals with confidence.


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