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What is EssentialFX?

  • EssentialFX is a built into Adobe After Effects as an integrated extension, designed to enhance your video editing experience without leaving the software window.

  • It offers a comprehensive suite of effects, presets, overlays, and features to infuse energy, color grading, and streamline your workflow.

  • With EssentialFX, you get precision-crafted effects, live pre-views, and a commitment to continuous improvement with free upgrades.

  • It's the ultimate solution for Adobe After Effects editors and creators looking to elevate their projects workflow and creativity. 🌟

Software: Adobe After Effects 2023 and up - Extension (Built into After Effects Workspace) 💻

File will be a .ZIP, which contains the MAC and Windows installer, 📁

If you need to extract with winrar, download for free HERE 📦

Featured 4 minute Video! 🎬

Install Guide: 📹

What's Included:

  • 1 License Key for Adobe After Effects Mac / Windows Installer Updates & Added Features 

Key Features:

  1. Shake Effects: Infuse dynamic energy into your projects with a stunning array of shake effects that add flair and excitement. 💥
  2. Color Grading Presets: Achieve professional-grade color mastery effortlessly with a curated selection of presets. 🎨
  3. Adjustable Shakes: Tailor the intensity of your shakes to perfection, giving you full creative control of the most popular effect. 💫
  4. VFX Overlays: Making 3d effects easy! Over 100+ custom made overlays are easy to use, to give you that 3d video you’ve been wanting! Ground cracks, lightning, particles, fireworks and more! 🔮
  5. Effects: Access a diverse library of effects, from subtle enhancements to jaw-dropping transformations. ✨
  6. Speed Ramping/Velocity Presets: Instantly transform your footage with pre-set speed ramping and velocity adjustments. 🏎️


No need for a subscription, all updates will be included 🔄

Installation is as easy as it can be! First install the EXE or DMG file. Open Adobe After Effects, Click Window - Extensions - EssentialFX! (Install guide included)

Real-Time Preview:

EssentialFX revolutionizes your workflow with live previews. Witness the magic in real-time as you explore the possibilities. Say goodbye to time-consuming trial and error – the future of video editing is at your fingertips. 🎥

Five Categories of Effects and Presets:

Discover an extensive range of effects and presets meticulously categorized to streamline your creative process. Whether you're enhancing motion, adding cinematic flair, or perfecting color, EssentialFX has you covered. 🎞️

Solving Time Management Woes:

Time is your most valuable asset, and EssentialFX respects that. Instantly preview and apply essential effects with a single click. Boost your efficiency, edit faster, and reclaim precious hours for your creative vision. ⏰

For Adobe After Effects Editors and Beyond:

EssentialFX is the ultimate tool for Adobe After Effects editors, full-time creators, and anyone seeking to simplify their workload. It's designed to take the stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on what truly matters – your content. 🎬

Why EssentialFX Extension?

Custom-Designed: Crafted from the ground up, EssentialFX is a custom-designed masterpiece tailored to meet your exacting needs. ✨

No Plug-Ins Required: Enjoy hassle-free editing with no aftermarket plug-ins needed. EssentialFX is your all-in-one solution. 🛠️

Free Upgrades and Updates: Your purchase includes a ticket to the future. As time goes on, EssentialFX will continue to evolve with additional features and effects at no extra cost. Stay ahead of the curve effortlessly. 🔄

Elevate your video editing experience, streamline your workflow, and embrace a new era of creativity with EssentialFX. 🌟

* You are expected to understand basic knowledge of adobe after effects to use this extension.

Please note, one license key is included for EssentialFX, for additional computers please contact us. This extension requires an authentic version of Adobe After Effects.

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the terms of service and refund policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Very good! Helps speed up the editing process incredibly!

Jaylen Pate

He’s actually legit

I'm addicted to this extension

My video editing has changed night and day just from this extension. It just makes the workflow so fast and accurate. I highly recommend to those that want to pump out consistent quality content!

After Effects godly speed with EssentialFX

Absolutely love this extension, I'm doing my best to not rely on it so much, but it just makes things so efficient and easy. Can't wait for more updates!

Dope extension , usefull

Love essential FX, speed-ramping, shakes, and now 3D effects. Definitely worth it


Unlock a New Dimension in Editing

Open the door to a new realm of editing possibilities. Explore the magic of speed ramping and color mastery with ease.

Automated & Adjustable

Precision Redefined

Discover a new era in creativity as we redefine precision with automated tools. Achieve perfection effortlessly and unlock the full potential of your craft like never before.

No Excuses

Project Completion Made Effortless

Say goodbye to project delays and excuses. Our powerful extension ensures you finish your projects with ease, meeting deadlines effortlessly. It's time to take control of your creative journey and deliver the standards of quality work, every time.

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