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The newest LUTS that I've been using, by popular demand, they are now available! Digital Download sent right away once purchased!

This Pack includes 6 LUTS + a Crisp Quality LUT. These files are all .CUBE. These are best used for S-log footage but can be used other wise!. These can be used for almost EVERY Software, if you are unsure, double check "how to import .CUBE to your 'software'. This works for, DaVinci, Adobe, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, ETC.

  • Explanation video on how to use and adjust the LUTS if needed
  • Cinematic (LUT)
  • Faded (LUT)
  • Steez (LUT)
  • Tang (LUT)
  • Tokyo (LUT)
  • Toon (LUT)
  • DJ-709 ( my personal S-log rec.709 .CUBE file)
  • CRISP QUALITY (add this at the end too add some clarity to your video)

How to use the LUTS

Apply the DJ-709 Files , then on top of that layer add the LUT you want to use!

Refund Policy* Please note, since these are digital downloads, once a product has been downloaded, it can no longer be refunded. Thank you!




DJordanMedia Color Grading LUTS let you perfect your video's color grade, giving you the power to create THE look you need!

Compatible Files for 99% of Video Editing Software

Our Color Grading LUTS are compatible with 99% of all video editing software, making them the perfect choice for any professional filmmaker.

Tested on many styles of Videos

We've rigorously tested each of our Color Grading LUTS on a variety of different video styles — from nature to travel to automotive and vlogging — ensuring that each one works perfectly for your footage.

Each color LUT is unique

Each Color Grading LUT from DJordanMedia is designed to be completely unique and unlike anything else out there — giving you an original and distinct look for your footage.



These courses are well worth the money, what you learn from them is priceless. Sure, YouTube tutorials can help you understand the basics of After Effects and specific ways to use effects, but DJordanMedia explains it 10x better and helps you understand a super efficient editing workflow through both After Effects and Premiere Pro! I used to edit on a super outdated version of Sony Vegas, these courses caused me to completely switch to Adobe. In 2 hours these courses have baked in everything I need to know to make quality content, and after 1 week of practicing I'm entirely comfortable with using Adobe software to edit thanks to DJordanMedia! My content has never looked better and it's paid off by bringing me plenty of new clients! The Discord server that you get invited to through these courses is very active with everyone helping each other too, and you get access to exclusive benefits! It's a lot of fun watching each other grow through the community server. I 100% recommend this course to anyone who's trying to expand their knowledge in After Effects, beginner or not!

Matt Redman

This course was well explained, organized and entertaining. I was able to learn a lot and able to put it into my work. Highly recommend if you want to learn the right way and further increase your knowledge! 10/10 course!

TK 800

Firstly, I am so glad that these courses are available internationally. I was always nervous about video editing and did not know where to start. Tutorials online are hours long and are not straightforward, which made it harder for me to understand. Thankfully I found Djordanmedia, and after talking to him I felt that the courses were the right fit for me. I am now comfortable and a lot more confident editing in Adobe After Effects which has helped me work for more clients. I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone that wants to advance their editing skills without the hassle of searching for multiple tutorials online.

Abdul Mahmood

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