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Essential Shake Extension for Adobe After Effects 🚀

🎥 Everyone needs a good shake sometime? Say hello to our Shake Effects Extension, designed to add excitement and dynamism to your videos like never before! 🎉

Software: Adobe After Effects 2023 and up

Key Features: 👁️‍🗨️

  • Live Preview: Witness the magic in real-time with our live preview feature. See exactly how your shakes will transform your footage before you even apply them! 📺
  • 📋 Instant Application: No more time-consuming processes. Our extension allows you to apply shakes to your timeline instantly, saving you precious minutes. ⏱️
  • 🔌 No Plug-Ins Required: Seamless integration means no additional purchases. Our extension becomes a natural part of your workflow without the price! 💻
  • 🎨 Custom Designed Shakes: Unleash your creativity with fully customizable shakes! Tailor them to fit your vision and give your videos that extra oomph! 🎬
  • 🔧 Adjustable Shake: Fine-tune your shakes with our easy-to-use controls. Get the perfect level of intensity for your desired impact. 💪
  • ✴️ Shake FX: Create cinematic and trendy effects that leave a statement on your videos. 🌟
  • 📷 Overall Camera Shakes: Achieve that realistic, handheld camera feel effortlessly. 🎥
  • 🔌 Built into Adobe After Effects 2023 and up: Seamless integration means no hassles. Our extension becomes a natural part of your workflow with just a click! 💻

Elevate your video editing game and make your content stand out. 📽️💥

Language compatible: English (set your AE to English!)

Notice* these are included into EssentialFX Extension. If you have purchased EssentialShake and are interesting in upgrading to the ultimate extension, email us!

We highly advise that you have a valid adobe software 2023 and up.

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