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EssentialSFX Trial [Free]

EssentialSFX Trial [Free]

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Try out our Essential SFX extension for free!

For Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro!

Full version includes future updates, 100s of more custom made SFX, and more!

EssentialSFX Full version

Included 2 SFX per category that are from the full version!

What's Included:

Key Features:

  1. Live Preview: Hover and preview sound effects in real-time, right within your Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects interfaces. EssentialSFX transforms your editing and compositing experience by allowing you to audibly explore and choose the perfect sound without going through thousands of files. 🔊

  2. Instant Application: Click to instantly apply selected sound effects to your composition. EssentialSFX streamlines your workflow, eliminating the need for time-consuming imports or manual adjustments. Achieve the desired audio impact with just a simple click. 🖱️

  3. Extensive Library: Access a vast and diverse library of 100s of custom-made sound effects. From cinematic whooshes to subtle ambient tones, EssentialSFX offers a comprehensive range of audio elements to enhance the atmosphere and storytelling of your projects. 🎶

  4. Organized Categories: Navigate through well-organized categories that make finding the perfect sound effect a breeze. Whether you're working on a film, video, animation, or presentation, EssentialSFX ensures you can easily locate and incorporate the ideal audio enhancement. 📂

  5. Effortless Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate into your Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects workflows, EssentialSFX becomes an indispensable part of your creative toolkit with a simple installation.  🔄

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Lelic
Nice tool

I learning vom djordan Media,it’s a nice helpful tool for get a look in the sfx world.

Enes Acar

This account all awesome


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